Friday , August 19 2022

Virat Kohli demanded a fan to leave India. Off-Field News


New Delhi: Why is there no reason or no reason? Indian captain Virat Kohli can be found in the news. But suddenly, for all the wrong reasons, social media is falling into media frenzy through viral video.

This video was recorded as part of Kohli's new Virat Kohli Official App promotion. This application began on the 30th birthday on Monday.

In the video Kohli is embarrassed by fans who say he likes English and Australian hitter more than current Indian players. Corelli spokesman said he should not live in India if he likes foreigners more than Indian cricket bats.

"Virat is an overrated batter, his strikes are not special, I like English and Australian hitters better than this Indian," said the fan, because Kohli did not put him back. Calling the fan Kohli said he does not care about criticism. However, if someone can not like Indians while living in India, they should not live in that country.

"I think you should not live in India, so why go to live somewhere else and live in my country and in other countries, just as in other countries, classify your priorities," Collie replied.

The enthusiastic Kohli in the ODI of the recently signed West Indies scored an average of 151.00 in 453 runs in five innings in this game. He also recorded a hat-trick for the first three ODIs for hundreds of years and joined ODI's 10,000 elite clubs. It will be a milestone surpassing Sachin Tendulkar.

But Kohli's reaction does not match up with Twitteri, a bizarre commenter. Here are some of the responses to Kohli's statement that make a twitter sound.

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