Monday , December 6 2021

Ayu Ting Ting: Actually, I do not like arguments.


JAKARTA, – Pedangdut Ayu Ting Ting was confused when he was mentioned as a controversial artist. According to Ayu, he did not like the argument.

"A controversial artist nomination. Actually I hate debate. already The provision may be yes. I agree. We are more satisfied with achievement. "Ayu said at the 2018 Silet Awards in Jakarta, Kebon Jeruk and MNC Towers on Monday.

As a frequent singer with a lot of controversial news, Ayu says she does not care about the hateful words of herself.

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"I am not a troublesome person, so let me know who will know that I am alone with God." "The fragrance oil" singer said.

Ayu was always so confused about every step she wore. The clothes she wore were always the object of controversy.

"I was also confused, and I liked it, and I just did it wrong." The more successful the test, the more dependent on the kit, "he explained.

During this time Ayu was often hit by the tilted news about her life. The latest Ayu is rumored to be a lover of Fransen Susanto, RA Pictures' chief producer.

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