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be careful! WannaCry attacks still occur.


Harianjogja.comJAKARTA – WannaCry Ransomware, one of the biggest cyber-attack epidemics in history, is still filling the list of the most widely distributed malicious codes since it first appeared in the middle of last year.

Kaspersky Lab's cyber security companies have seen a significant increase in WannaCry attacks on devices in many countries. In the third quarter of 2018, malware attacked 74,621 unique users worldwide.

This number accounted for 28.72% of all users targeted by cryptographic malware, a 16.78% year-on-year increase.

Fedor Sinitysn, a Kaspersky Lab security researcher, says that the persistence of WannaCry cryptographic malware attacks can be very damaging to attackers.

"The increase in WannaCry attacks reminds us that the epidemic does not end as soon as it starts, and there will always be long-term results," Bisnis said in an official report on Sunday (November 18, 2010).

This cyber attack targets a variety of companies with networked systems by converting files on the victim's computer to encrypted data, requesting a certain amount for the exploit key, decrypting the file, and returning the original data.

Based on research by Kaspersky Labs, Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest number of cryptographic malware attacks in the third quarter of this year and 8.8% of total cryptographic malware attacks.

In this regard, Sinitsyn said he should take precautions to update the device to avoid having encrypted files.

On the other hand, the recommended steps include using operating system updates and security solutions with modern databases, copying data files and storing them on physical devices and cloud storage.

Large enterprises are encouraged to use trusted security solutions to reduce the risk of data loss by protecting strategic data from WannaCry password malware attacks that can encrypt files.

Source: Bisnis.com

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