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Beersheba v PSMS Match Report, 09/11/18, League One


Get results: Percy Bandung 0-1 PSMS Medan

Because of PSMS defeat, Perseav was angry and chased incompetent judgment to lead the fight.

Podi Bandung's ambition to reduce the point difference with PSM Makassar was unsuccessful after giving up 1-0 at PSMS Medan in the 30th league match of the 2018 league at the Gianyar Dipta Stadium in Bali at 9 pm (Bali) on Friday afternoon.

The defeat was angry at Pepper. Because he thought the judge was competing with the visitors. Many players and officials of the team are looking for court management after the game. PSMS won 33 points and left the relegation zone.

Round 1

The game between PSB and PSB was strictly followed by the referee's kick-off whistle. Both teams apply the public play to reach a fast goal at the start of the game.

When the game was run for 2 minutes, the threat was first given by PSMS. Felipe Martins entered the game for Persib, but his goal was scored in the background.

Persib tried to respond to the aggressiveness of PSMS in a minute. The attack took place through the movement of the two wings, but it was difficult to defend the PSMS meeting.

Even PSMS pose a serious threat to Persib at 28 minutes. Only Alexandros Tanidis, who could not avoid the offside trap while welcoming the free-kick ball, made the Wirawan, but the PSMS defender could not win the Persib goalkeeper.

PERSHEve still tried to dismantle PSMS defenders, but the effort did not make it, and the overall goal was scored without goals.


Game Persib and PSMS did not change in the second half. The aggressive plan still applies to solve the deadlock that the two teams faced during the first half.

The PSMS encountered a Persib goal when the second round only lasted three minutes. However, Tanidis' goal, which welcomed Alwi Slamat's free-kick, was overridden by the referee. This is because the foreign troops of PSMS were in an offside position. After 2 minutes, Alwi's free kick was thrown down by I Made Wirawan.

The visitors team succeeded in scoring first in 52 minutes and cheering. Butuan Frets striking from the right of the Persian defender gave feedback to the front of the goal and Martins could beat Made Wirawan.

The tricky Persib tried to be equal. However, their efforts met with a steep path because of the powerful PSMS wall that is difficult to penetrate the perish attack line.

In the remaining time, Perseave tried to keep it equal. Nonetheless, Mario Gomez's foster child's efforts had no effect, so Persib had to go through a 1-0 defeat.

The two teams are organized as follows:

Persib: I made Wirawan; Tony Sucipto, Bojan Malisic, Victor Igbonefo, Ardi Idrus, Supardi, Eka Ramdani, Ghozali Siregar, Hariono, Patrich Wanggai, Ezechiel N'Douasel.
back up : M Natshir Fadhil; Henhen Herdiana, Indra Mustafa, Atep, Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, Puja Abdilah, Agung Mulyadi.

coach : Mario Gomez

PSMS: Abdul Rohim; Randi Raharjo, Abdul Aziz Lufti Akbar, Frets Listanto Butuan and Felipe Dos Santos Martins.
back up : Ahmad Posay; Muhammad Roby, Wanda Syahputra, Shohei Matsunaga, Erwin Ramdani, Donni Dio Hasibuan, Choiril Hidayat.

coach : Peter Butler

Footer - League 1

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