Saturday , June 3 2023

Before the concert, Blackpink Merchandise rarely sells! Fuck the trick.


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Blackpink light stick and Moonshot cosmetics sales increased on approach to Blackpink concert on November 19th in Sentul.

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This is Reeeki Yanuar, Shopee's Country Brand Manager. This increase in sales is in line with the purchase of a Blackpink concert ticket, which is only available when purchasing an official YG product from Shopee.

"YG Official Shop's BLACKPINK light sticks and Moonshot cosmetics are the best for Shopee users," Rezki told Jakarta's Antara on Saturday.

However, Rezki is reluctant to mention in detail how many light sticks are on sale or other official YG products. However, Rezki confirmed that the sale would fill the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC).

"Our sales data can not be published in detail because YG needs to get the store owner's permission first, but Inshaallah can tell us that the SICC will be crowded on Monday," Rezki explained.

BLACKPINK concerts are divided into four categories: Black Standing, Black Seated, Pink Seated, and Orange. To qualify for this category, you can purchase YG Offical products, which include IDR 300,000 for Pink Seated, IDR 500,000 for Black Standing, IDR 700,000 for Orange and IDR 1.2 million for Black Seated.

Shopee, on the other hand, was reluctant to know when Blackpink employees arrived in Indonesia.

"We can not pass this information on the security and convenience of Blackpink itself.

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