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Champions League – Manchester United to advance to three Juventus final


SERAMBINEWS.COM – Manchester United are in for a Champions League game against Juventus.

Manchester United are in the lead in the Champions League game against Juventus. Three Italian club players were injured.

Manchester United will play Juventus 4-1 in the Champions League group stage.

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The game will be held at Allianz Stadium on Thursday (18/08/2010).

Juventus will not be powered by three players in the game, as reported by in the Mirror.

Douglas Costa, Blaise Matuidi, Mario Mandzukic,

Manchester United lost 0-1 in their first match at Old Trafford on 10/24/2018.

The injuries suffered by three important Juventus players are available at Manchester United.

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Mario Mandzukic began practicing lightly with an ankle injury.

Manchester United's performance has improved since Juventus defeat.

Red Devils have successfully defeated Everton and AFC Bournemouth in the Premier League. (*)

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