Monday , December 6 2021

Continued measles and MR vaccines after the Sulawesi earthquake


INDOPOS.CO.ID – Measles rubella immunization (MR) has been resumed due to earthquakes, tsunamis and liquefaction at the Paluxy school.

According to Principal Kartini Saleng of Palupi Elementary School, 135 children living in SD Negeri Palupi were vaccinated with measles and measles (MR), and there were already about 100 students with measles rubella vaccine before the disaster.

"It's almost 75% and the remaining 122 people have not been vaccinated by 357 students, but 235 were vaccinated before the disaster," he said.

He also explained that students who were not immunized were based on a report from a teacher that students who had not been vaccinated against measles and MR had not yet attended school.

"The 122 students who were not vaccinated were not vaccinated and were not vaccinated when they were not immunized because they were still in the suburbs or foster schools," he said.

The vaccination process was painted by students who were almost scared by the syringe, but the process went smoothly because the police officer who was in charge of measles and measles rubella knew how to handle crying students. (SLM)

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