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From cheap anti-mosquito lotion to hygiene napkin


HOLY, – The phenomenon of drunken teens in an abnormal way is drinking a marinade of sanitary napkin against the general public.

Paradoxically, according to the findings of the Central National Drug Administration (BNNP) in Central Java, ngefly Using the sanitary napkin.

"The sanitary napkin in the garbage can be boiled with water, then cooled down, and the sanitary napkin is used instead of the sanitary napkin," said AKBP Suprinarto, head of the BNNP Central Java Eradication Division. Kompas.comFriday (November 9, 2014)

Sprinatho said that many people joined jazz while enjoying hygienic napkins in public reports.

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Users are 13-16 years old and are known as street children every day.

The street children originally tried word of mouth about the addiction effect of the bath napkin.

In early 2016, similar phenomena were found in Belitung and Karawang.

Street children's information, effects caused by drinking a napkin floating in the air like a consumed drug sensation.

In fact, they will get vaccinated. It is due to the chemical content of chlorine in sanitary napkins.

"In fact, Jakarta's information was also found, with more than a dozen in Kudu, and one of them was a resident of Grobo. After questioning, the stew sits side by side in a row. Suprinarto said.

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It was inevitable to chew up the sanitary napkin due to the free lifestyle out of the school district, which is beyond the reach of parents. Economic factors are also considered to be one of the causes.

"Starting with a hangover, grapefruit mushroom, amethyst, mosquito repellent, mosquito repellant, wet sanitary napkin, etc., the average distance child is not controlled," he concluded, "this is the role all the parties have to stop it.

New case

phenomenon ngefly Recently Kudus Drug Investigator of Central Java Police AKP Sukadi says using hygienic stew is the latest example of a police never found in Kudus.

Therefore, the sex police will make every effort to expect this to happen in the jurisdiction.

"There has been no case so far. ngefly Kudus's stubble. He seems drunk in other areas, but he was caught in Kudus. We will continue to strengthen the socialization of our communities and schools. For street children it is desirable for Satsabhara to routinely patrol and socialize. "

On the other hand, the Kudus District Lutful, responsible for social issues, strengthening women's human rights, child protection, population control and family planning (Dinsos P3AP2KB), abused the stew aquarium, He said.

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As a government agency that manages street children, Kudus has never experienced such a case.

"This incident was surprising because it was new to us.

To find out more about the findings of this particular case, his party immediately forms an internal team to find information.

"There are only a few drunk people who are raiding on street children," he said.

The others immediately placed the attacked people in the shelter without a deep interrogation of their activities.

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In the middle house, we collected data and then returned home.

"I brought them directly to the head of the village with the original sacred children. For the people outside the sanctuary, the next day they were sent home."

It is really strange to him to discover the case of drinking water for hygienic cooking. According to him, during this period, confronting children on the streets, he was drinking more drugs, applying glue, or mixing mosquitoes with lotions.

"We will make every effort to make contact with the children of the streets," he said.

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