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If the number of patients with breast cancer increases, what is the rate of recovery? : Okezone Lifestyle


NUMBERS The incidence of breast cancer continues to increase in Indonesia. According to Globocan 2018 data, 42% of women die from breast cancer. One of the foundations of this condition is that many patients come to the doctor at a higher level and the rate of recovery is getting lower.

In fact, although the incidence of breast cancer is fairly high, the rate of recovery is also high. "Breast cancer is a substance that can be easily found because it is actually outside, it is a little different from invisible cervical cancer, parietal cancer, or lung cancer, so your own breast examination can be detected early. Dr. H. Abdul Kadir, Spt THT-KL (K), Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Vertical Hospitals (ARVI) MARS.

Met Okezon Law & Health Seminar sponsored by the Association for Women 's Cancer Advocacy (A2KPI) Thursday, 11/08/2018 at Jakarta Health Ministry Gedung Sujudi: Protection of Women' s Cancer Patients' Rights for Access to Quality Health Services in the JKN Era . Abdul added that early detection can help women get treatment sooner.

"The problem is that we have to educate the general public when we find signs of cancer, then do not go to the two Kuhn, do not come to the doctor, do not come to people who are not medical personnel in your field, I come to the hospital to prove it, "he explained.

Breast cancer

On the other hand, the professor. Abdul also explained that women's breast cancer incidence was caused by chromosomes that could not control gene mutations and cell proliferation. The longer you live, the more you interact with the environment.

"Pollution and lifestyle are more likely to cause mutations, and the incidence of cancer in the elderly increases," he said. "The proportion of cancer incidence is directly proportional to the number of elderly people." Abdul.

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He argued that early detection of breast cancer treatment is necessary. Especially in the age of National Health Insurance (JKN), people can get treatment easily. But Professor. Abdul said cost-efficiency factors should be taken into account.

"If the community can find it early and see the doctor right away, we can reduce JKN funding." If everyone knows early detection and a healthy lifestyle, we expect cancer to be found at an early stage. "He said.

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He added that if the breast cancer is found from the earliest stages, it can be completely healed by surgery. "The survivors are getting higher, but the higher the stadium, the fewer survivors," concluded the professor. Abdul.


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