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Promote SMEs with Cyronium digital currency


Promote SMEs with Cyronium digital currency
Cryptocurrency – Special, JAKARTA – Cyronium, a digital platform using block-chaining technology, helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their business with encrypted calls.

Founder Cyronium Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo said SMEs are among the cornerstones of a national economy that must be backed up with the latest technology developments.

"If more and more SMEs are developing, imagine that they have more revenue." Cyronium not only increases profitability through helping small and medium-sized businesses, but also by profit distribution, "he said in a Sunday statement (11/18/2018) .

Mardigu explained that Cyronium is a combination of block chain and precious metal technology that can be used as an investment based on a password chain. Password investment is claimed to be safer because there is physical security in the form of gold.

The gold adjustment mechanism was performed after the initial coin offer / ICO. Gold will then be purchased according to the number of CYRO coins sold at Andromeda. The suitability of the actual amount of money with the Cyronium coin amount will be audited by an independent auditor.

According to Mardigu, the presence of physical gold acts as a risk reduction and prevents the value of the CYRO currency to the deepest point.

Cyronium issues digital currencies or tokens that Cyronimun members can generally purchase at variable prices, such as stock prices, in business operations.

Members who hold CYRO calls (token holders) will also receive a Scale UP UKM Cyronium program in the form of rewards paid every six months.

Alfan Wahyu Ilham Robbani, CEO of Cyronium, said he has now partnered with several SMEs. For example, Teja Wisata in the UK is engaged in domestic and international tourism destination travel agencies.

Alfan argued that his side was involved in using a variety of digital strategies to increase the size of his business and Teja Wisata's monthly sales and use passwords, which are part of the partnership process with SMEs.

"Cyronium has helped Teja Wisata use online marketing to increase sales, one of our strategies. We will continue to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses.expand Their business, "he said.

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