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Shania confirms that the JKT48 graduation is not the result of bad elections.


JawaPos.com – The announcement of the JKT48 election results at Sleman City Hall on Saturday (11/17) was an unpleasant night for Shania Junianatha fans. This is because JKT48 Leader General I, who declared his 25th anniversary, announced his graduation. Shania made it clear that her graduation ceremony was not due to poor voting.

At a press conference after the announcement, Shania said she would not spoil the atmosphere that night. He said that night was the right time to have a long discussion with the JKT48 executive. So, not having lost 25 tickets.

& # 39; & # 39; Current (JKT48) theme is Reboost. Many new faces. So, Reboost too (graduation announcement). I think the moment is right for this case. & # 39; Shania replied.

Shania confirms that the JKT48 graduation is not the result of bad elections.
Shania (fourth on the right) with 17-32 or less of the JKT48 members (DHIMAS GINANJAR / JAWA POS)

He also explained that one of the reasons for leaving JKT48 is that after seeing other first-generation members who graduated. He mentioned about Melody Nurramdhani Laksani and Devi Kinal Putri. The JKT48 will still work if there were no motorcycle riders.

"So, it just does not depend on a small number of people.I can walk it when they come out.Maybe later (JKT48) still bigger.Maybe Reboost did not arrive to ordinary people, but JKT48 has a lot of potential children. "Explained Shania.

Until last night Shania did not tell me where to go after graduation. Do you follow the footsteps of Melody and Kinal, depending on whether you have joined the JKT48 Operations Team (JOTT)? It is not yet known when his graduation date will include the last performance.

Claiming that his graduation announcement was not due to a poor vote passed through his Twitter account. Through his @shaniaJKT48 account, he said there was a desire to graduate from JKT48 last year.

& # 39; Suddenly for some people maybe. But actually I thought about last year and planned from the middle of this year. He wrote "Shania" before senbatsu started.

He stressed that the announcements presented were not easy. & # 39; Guys. Announcing graduates is not easy or easy. I explain and explain clearly. "I do not have it in Senbatz, I do not let it happen," said Shannia.

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