Friday , August 12 2022

‘storm’! Vivo V20 SE started selling in Indonesia and it’s full spec, but low price, friend!


JAKBARNEWS -Vivo announced that the Vivo V20 was sold through online and offline purchases across Indonesia.

The Vivo V20 SE is available in Aquamarine Green Black and Oxygen Blue. It has’Storm’ features and specifications (Read: Special).

For the Vivo V20 SE, Aquamarine Green comes with a 32MP Super Night Selfie front camera that can meet your needs in terms of selfies.

Thanks to the HDR + Morpho algorithm, this phone claims to be able to take selfies at night.

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While on the back, Vivo has a built-in 48MP default camera configuration, 8MP Super Wide-Angle and Super Macro and 2MP Depth cameras.

This latest Vivo smartphone is equipped with Ultra Stable Video, which supports EIS Ultra Stable Video, which can produce more stable videos than regular smartphones.

In addition to being more stable, the Vivo V20 SE Aquamarine Green now supports video capture up to 4K resolution.

The phone is supported by 128GB ROM and 8GB of Vivo V20 SE Aquamarine Green RAM.

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