Saturday , April 17 2021

Subang is the fourth largest HIV / AIDS patient in West Java.

The – Subang Regency is the fourth largest HIV / AIDS case in West Java. Suva has a total of 1,766 HIV / AIDS patients.

HIV / AIDS in the water began to be discovered since 1999. The number of cases of HIV / AIDS cases found each year tends to increase significantly. From January to June 2018 there were 123 cases.

Maxi, spokesperson of P2P Foster Care, said HIV / AIDS continues to increase in cases of HIV / AIDS in the water due to the iceberg phenomenon.

"Even as a result of the data released by the Center, Subang ranked fourth in the West Java region with HIV / AIDS the most," Maxi attended Thursday's (November 15, 2010) meeting of the Mediation and Assessment Committee to prevent and control HIV / AIDS at Lot's Hotel.

Spokesman Maxi said he found 300 HIV / AIDS cases in 2017. Most people have found cases of HIV / AIDS proving that KPA and the health office are working.

"In the last few years, only 20 to 50 patients have been found with HIV / AIDS."

To this end, Maxi must continue to do its utmost to carry out HIV / AIDS prevention and treatment. In addition to the relevant stakeholders for the fight against HIV / AIDS, the Subang District Government is supported by the optimal budget.

"We invited all elements of society to cooperate with HIV / AIDS in discipline," said Maxi.

While KPA Secretary of Defense added, H. Encep Sugiana, MH. Kes, The number of HIV / AIDS cases found in 2018 is in Subang, and it is recommended that Subang local government be able to optimize budgeting for KPA Subang to maximize its role in HIV / AIDS prevention and control.

"Our commitment to fighting HIV / AIDS is a real reality, so the next step is to coordinate the SKPD and other agencies and programs, including screening for specific populations," Encep said.

The event was attended by the Subang Abdurakhman Regency Regional Secretary, KPA, as well as other guests.

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