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Twenty police officers are ranked today.


Press of journalist Vincentius Jyestha

Jakarta – Tito Karnavian, chief of police, attended an event for 20 officers at the Rupatama Police Headquarters of Kebayoran Baru Jl Trunojoyo in Jakarta on Thursday (11/08/2018).

Police Chief Timo Karnavian became an inspector of consciousness (Irup) in a procession in which five police officers were promoted as Inspector.

The other 15 were mid-level officers who officially became senior officers after being promoted to brigadier general.

According to, one of the two official stars was Officer Oerip Soebagyo, police chief of the Sespim Education and Training Center.

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On the other hand, one officer who officially directed one star was Pol RZ Brigadier General Panca Putra. The person concerned was recently appointed as the investigator of the corruption resolution committee (KPK director).

Tito said the promotion is not a gift from Allah SWT, but the achievement of the problem.

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"Thank you for the gifts of our promoters and the Almighty God, Alla SWT, who have been promoted here, thank you, but this is due to the accomplishments of your peers," Tito said on Thursday, November 8, ).

The four-star governor also prayed that his staff, who had not been promoted, would soon have a chance.

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"Because of what happened today, we can try because of today's promotion, but the destiny and destiny of Almighty God is to return to Allah SWT, only God can give it," I added.

The ceremony was attended by Dono Sukmanto, police chief, Kabareskrim police officer, Arief Sulistyanto police officer and Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo Polan.

Below is a list of 20 promoted Indonesian police officers.

From brigadier to captain general
1. Secretary General of the National Police Agency (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
2. Director of Police Sukma Edi Mulyono (Bakamla RI Political and Strategic Vice)
3. Captain Frederick Kalrem Ins (Deputy Director of RI Policy Strategy, Barcaola)
4. Stanto police chief (Legal person, BIN expert)
5. Police Officer Indra Mirza (General Counsel, Wantannas)

Commissioner to Brig (Brig.

1. Pol Brigadier Bambang Suharno (Regional Office III Itwasum Polri)
2. General Pol Brigadier Bedjo Sulaksono (regional office II Itwasum Polri)
3. Brigadier General Pol Darmawan Sutawijaya (Director of BIN Communication and Information Service Dissemination and Publishing)
4. Brigadier Subimanto (Karojianstra SSDM Polri)
5. Brigadier General Sumadi (President of Value Stabilization of Bedidtaplaikbs Lemhannas RI)
6. Police Officer Tabana Bangun (graduate student of Dirprog STIK Lemdiklat Polri)
7. Pol Marshal Musyafak (Karumkit Bhayangkara Tk I Pusdokkes Polri)
8. Brigadier General Dul Alim (Kabinda Jambi)
9. Brigadier General Widyaiswara Madya Sespim Lemdiklat Polri
10. Pol Brigadier Opik Taofik Nugraha (BIN Economic Bureau Chief of Agriculture and Director)
11. Brigadier General Hary Sudwijanto (Director, Regional II Land and Spatial Dispute and Dispute, Director of the Department of Land Use, Land Use and Land Use)
12. Pol Brigadier M Slamet Urip Widodo (Central Kalimantan District Head)
13. Pol Bankadier General Ranca Panca Putra (Director of Investigation of Corruption Prevention Committee)
14. Brigadier General Pol Hilman (Lemhannas RI Law and Human Rights Specialists)
15. Pol Brigadier General I Astawa (Director of Threat Response at BIN Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčIntelligence Deputy)

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