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Two actors spread the kidnapping of the Hoax Kid, which the police arrested


TRIBUNNEWS.COMThe kidnapping of children arrested by police is two false perpetrators.

The police arrested two people who allegedly were perpetrators of hacking or cheating on the kidnapping of children.

"Due to the problem of kidnapping, two people have been arrested, in Bogor and Central Jakarta. One of the jobs is a security guard, a private driver," said Setyo Wasisto, head of department head of police department at the Police Headquarters complex, Jakarta on Friday (11.02.2010. ).

Setyo, however, did not detail the content of fraud distributed by perpetrators.

According to Setyo, perpetrators use Facebook's social media to spread false news about child abduction cases.

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In his view, perpetrators just mocked or spread fraudulent information.

"The motif is fun. It's terrible, I'm really asking the public, especially social media, to never make it easy because the effect is extraordinary," Setyo said.

According to Setyo, the number of suspects may increase. The police continue to hunt for other perpetrators.

"Five accounts are identified, and we'll get them one by one," Setyo said.

Setyo asked the public and the media to conduct a study on information circulating in social media.

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"I ask the mainstream media to check the first, because I'm saying to check the mainstream media if the mainstream media reports are true." Mainstream colleagues should not forget the check and then confirm that they are journalistic rules, "Setyo said.

"First check with your local police to check your family to stop playing your neighbors, say they are lost, even if they have not disappeared," he continued.

He also called on the public to be cautious and responsible for activities in community media.

"I would very much like to take responsibility for the use of social media and to think about the impact." Do not be too overlaid with laws later, "Setyo said.

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