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A chair used as a weapon in a malicious quarrel caught by a camera at a kickboxing event


Blow: Shot in Shannon's fight video
Blow: Shot in Shannon's fight video

A man who was admitted to mass murder on a weekend kickboxing event.

Gardaí is investigating the case by seeing chairs and sickness used as weapons.

The violence erupted from the Oakwood Hotel, Co Clare, Shannon, around 11 pm Saturday.

The video of the incident has become viral in social media.

It is understood that the kickboxing event was held every year at the hotel during the past few years without incident.

More than a dozen people participated in fighting in front of the shocked punter.

Many competitions had to be canceled after the crowds started attacking each other in the hotel's crowded function rooms.

The video of the argument shows the chair and the bottle being thrown at people.

You can see a person attacking a bystander and punching from the back to stop fighting.

A young boy can see a group of men and a woman running away as if they are in a melee game.

A woman throws a chair across a packed function room.

Gardaí is investigating the case, but has confirmed that he has not been arrested.

The local gardaí responded to the scene by hearing about the large-scale public order incident at the hotel.

The injury of a hospitalized man is not considered serious.

"We are not arrested at night, but investigation is under way," said a spokesman for Gaza.

"One person was hospitalized for treatment."

Oakwood Hotels refused to comment.

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