Thursday , June 1 2023

Big Brother Final: Emma Willis announces final show wearing a gorgeous green gown


Emma Willis mourns the collapse of Big Brother, but she decides not to throw black in her usual attire with an attractive green velvet gown for the live finals tonight.

It will be an emotional night of the host, as she says goodbye to the long-standing reality show.

On her opening link, the tearful Emma praised the show for "ever changing TV."

Emma announced on Twitter that "it will be a tough show but it will be a fun show," and emotions were rising before the show was broadcast.

She also shared a snapshot of her script on Instagram and wrote with it: "Goodbye, my friend."

In September, it was determined that the 19th series will be the last of Channel 5 due to fewer viewers.

Emma Willis stunned her velvet green gown.

She will hold her final final on Channel 5.

Emma said she feels emotional when the show airs.

In 2000 Big Brother's first finals saw more than 9 million viewers. Strictly Come Dancing.

With Isabelle Warbuton winning the Grand Prix, the most recent BB final in 2017 was watched by just 1.1 million viewers.

Emma shared her emotions on Twitter before the final.

Tonight, fans will be the last Big Brother winner for Cameron Cole, Zoe Jones, Cian Carrigan or Akeem Griffiths.

She hopes to be lucky to Emma and Lilan before her last.

Big Brother 2010: Davina McCall (Pic: PA)
Davina, hosted 2012 Big Brother before moving to channel 5

Former organizer, Davina McCall, shared her support for the emer- gent host she described as & # 39; amazing & smart & # 39; at night.

She was also lucky to Rylan Clark-Neal, co-host of Emma.

"It will be an emotional atmosphere.

She said, "Good luck to all the crews who work hard at the show. I know it will be a tough thing tonight, but I am sending too much love to you."

Davina, who hosted the show for 10 years, kissed the camera and signed it.

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