Monday , September 20 2021

Covid Christmas: Two-thirds of Irish people plan to celebrate with their immediate family.

Two-thirds of Irish citizens will celebrate this Christmas with their immediate family members, with 20% being pending until December to make a decision, a new survey revealed.

Despite the epidemic, 71% of Irish people are still looking forward to Christmas, but 85% of people are concerned that current and future Covid-19 restrictions will limit their Christmas gatherings.

The Zahra study surveyed more than 4,800 people across the country and their feelings about Christmas in the Covid era. Asked questions during the Level 3 limit in September and asked again during the Level 5 limit at the end of October.

64% more people said they plan to support local businesses this Christmas compared to last year, which is a 22% increase when asked the same question in September. Some 53% said they are willing to spend more on locally sourced artisan products.

When it comes to food shopping, two-thirds of respondents say they spend less each day due to the epidemic. However, 56% said they would spend about the same amount in their Christmas grocery store as they did last year.

Some 11pc is expected to spend up to €300, 20pc is expected to pay from €200-€250, and 28pc plans to pay between €150-€200 at a Christmas food store.

Of the respondents surveyed, 64% said they plan to shop several times this Christmas rather than just one big store.

Aldi, Tesco, and Dunnes are ranked in the top 3 grocery retailers that Irish people plan to visit for their Christmas necessities.

The Irish still plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen this Christmas, and 35pc said they will spend up to 6 hours preparing a feast for their family.

About 90% of respondents will prepare a traditional roast dinner. 10 are gluten-free options, 6 are dairy options, and 11 are vegetarian foods.

The three most important traditions for Irish people this Christmas are family gatherings at home (65 people), having children meet Santa (27 people) and attending religious ceremonies (21 people).

Regarding the study, Zahra Gina Miltiadou MD’s co-founder said: one.

“It’s more important than ever to maximize business content to deliver a true home feel and comfort in messaging. For most people, Christmas is reduced to its simplest form, but there is a great opportunity to give consumers reassurance by showing that Irish brands are here for themselves at moments that really matter.

“This is particularly evident given the increased consumer sentiment for the shopping area during the current level 5 limit compared to level 3.”

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