Tuesday , June 22 2021

Drugs, whiskey and cell phones confiscated in Mountjoy

The Irish Prison confiscated the largest number of contraband smuggled to Mount Joy Prison this morning.

It turns out that drugs, alcohol, phones, SIM cards and more are hidden in food delivery trucks.

A man has been arrested and being interrogated at Mountjoy Garda Station.

Around 8:30 am, officers from the Operations Support Department searched for a regular food delivery van.

They found 10,000 tablets, an estimated bag of cocaine, suspected cannabis, 30 cell phones, SIM cards, bottles of whiskey, steroids and exercise bands.

The tablets were individually wrapped with the names of the inmates, and some phones were small enough to hide inside.

This discovery was part of an information-led investigation.

The Association of Prison Officers welcomed the seizure case highlighting the dangers posed by drugs in prison.

With more than 700 inmates, Mountjoy is the nation’s largest prison housing some of the most dangerous criminals, including dignitaries of organized crime.

Irish Prison Services Commissioner Caron McCaffrey said the drug would have had a devastating impact on the prison population, with the possibility of losing lives from overdose.

Gardai believes that elaborate drug smuggling operations have to do with the heights of the prison or a gang.

The tote was hidden in a sugar bag and coffee was sprinkled to confuse the sniffer dog.

Drugs have been pre-allocated, but with an estimated street value of €150,000 or more, there are fears that it could lead to violence in prison as the responsible person tries to determine how the smuggling network was discovered.

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