Thursday , March 30 2023

Emily Blunt is on the cover of Vogue, like Mary Poppins, and is practically perfect in every way.


Fans love it.

Emily Blunt is a cover for the December issue of the United States. popularity – A person dressed in clothes other than Mary Poppins.

that much The devil wears prada. The actress has a symbolic role in. Mary Poppins returns, This is because the hit movie industry is held in Ireland this December.

The cover photo taken by Annie Leibovitz shows blunt in blonde and a red dior ensemble with skirt in full thin skirt.

Of course, the London Undercover and Poppins are the umbrellas with lovely hats.

The photo shoot was accompanied by an in-depth interview, and the actress will take on the role of a loving nanny.

In the interview, Blunt talked about how Mary Poppins thinks he is a "superhero."

She said:

"She can be said to be an angel. She recognizes what people need, and she gives it to them, but in the process they find that they are about themselves.

"I do not worry about what she is, no one likes her, she loves it."

She admitted that she had never seen a classic movie before she started filming.

She added:

"I knew that if I saw the version of Julie Andrews, maybe my instinct could get away from what she was telling me.

"I also did not want to be completely scared by the radiance of her voice."

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