Wednesday , June 7 2023

Former Wales governor Gareth Thomas is a victim of homosexual assault in Cardiff


Former Wales Rugby Union President Gareth Thomas said teenagers who attacked him due to his homosexuality "will learn" from the experience.

On Sunday, 2009, a 44-year-old homosexual, posted a video on Twitter and would like to thank the police and the citizens of Cardiff for their support for the attack in the city.

He said he chose to deal with the attacker using restorative justice because he thought he could "learn more than the other way" about the assailant against the victim.

"This morning I hope to be a positive video," Thomas said.

"Last night I was a victim of hate crime in my hometown for my sexual preferences.

"I want it to be positive because I want to thank the involved police, give me a lot of help, and allow me to make a restorative justice with those who do it.

"Unfortunately for Cardiff residents who have supported me and helped me, there are a lot of people who want to help us, so there are many more who want to help us heal.

In a statement, South Wales police said the incident occurred Friday in Hayes, downtown Cardiff.

"We can see that a 16-year-old boy in the region was addressed by the way of restorative justice for the case around 9 pm.

"The restorative justice was made at the request of Thomas and was accepted by a teenager who admitted to assault and apologized for his actions.

"Restorative justice is about putting victims' needs at the center of a criminal justice system to find a positive solution to crime and to encourage young people to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions."

– The Press Association

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