Thursday , March 30 2023

Irish scientists are working on a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes so that insulin can be used in pill form.


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Professor David Brayden and a team at the UCD's Veterinary Hospital (UCD's Veterinary Hospital) are conducting laboratory tests to use insulin in pills.

IRISH scientists are leading the way in the development of diabetes therapies.

They hope that diabetic patients will end their painful injections every day.

NovoRapid Insulin Pen

NovoRapid Insulin Pen

Professor David Brayden and UCD's team at UCD's Veterinary Hospital are conducting laboratory tests to use insulin as a pill.

Professor Brayden's efforts are detailed in the RTE documentary, a new, eye-catching bittersweet.

Professor Brayden said, "The increase in diabetes will probably be 10-fold over the past decade, the majority of which will be type 2 diabetes, and diabetes is actually the wrong food at the wrong time, It comes from. "

He warned of an expected increase in chronic diseases among young people with increasing rates of obesity.

The rate of diabetes has increased dramatically over the last few years.

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The rate of diabetes has increased dramatically over the last few years.

"We predict that one-third or one-half of our children will become obese when they are in their 20s." The association between obesity and type 2 diabetes is so strong that it puts more pressure on the system.

"When we were kids, we played all summer, but now we are always in front of the PC and on the phone in front of the kids."

Professor Brayden thinks it is much more open to taking tablets than injecting patients.

"Because the inhaled insulin is achieved, the patient prefers other routes than injections," he added.

Documentary – Some of the joint programs of NUI Galway's Medical Device Research Center and the Galway Film Center program will be broadcast on Wednesday World Diabetes Day.

Typical treatments for type 1 diabetes include daily injections, while type 2 treatment focuses on delaying disease through exercise overeating with patients who initially move to the needle.

  • BITTERSWEET: RTE will be on RTE One at 11:10 pm on the same day.

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