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Jessie J did not give up having children.


The musician says, "After sharing the Darjeeling struggle, I will be a mother" (Photo: Leon Bennett / Getty Images)

Jessie J is doing everything she can to make natural pregnancy possible for her future. & # 39;

The 30-year-old declared, "Despite the fact that four years ago, there was no choice but to give up hope to have a child and become a mother.

Jesse revealed fertility in front of a live audience at Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday night, and now in 2014 he found out how he refused to have hysterectomy.

Jessie wrote a statement in the Instagram Stories posting that she wrote: "I was immediately told that I had to undergo a hysterectomy and receive medication.

Jessie said she decided to become a mother by sharing updates with her fans (Instagram / Jessie J)
Jessie announced a method of previously rejecting hysterectomy (Instagram / Jessie J)

I refused hysterectomy and stopped all medication through the natural medicine diet.

I did not give up hope. I am doing everything I can to be the best way my body allows. & # 39;

Jessie explained how long it took her to be open about her truth until she decided to put it in her music.

She added: "I will be a mother, and so do you. I believe in miracles, but if it does not occur naturally, it is not a journey.

"But my mother is in all of us, it inspires me every day, we are strong, time will tell.

This musician told me this week about her pregnancy problem before playing her latest album, R.O.S.E, the song Four Letter Word.

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She said the response to personal revelation was "overwhelming" and expressed appreciation to fans for their love and support.

Jessie has reportedly told her about her new boyfriend, Channing Tatum, who also includes the crowd, & # 39;

Channing, who was away from Singer 's mother, praised Jessie' s mind in front of the sold – out audience.

Last month, he brought her 5 – year – old daughter Everly (recently shared with her married wife Jenna Dewan) to one of Jessie 's shows.

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