Tuesday , May 30 2023

John Kiely: The Fenway Classic win in Boston was a stunning "bonus" for the 2018 season.


John Kiely said the Fenway Classic title championship was a huge 2018 "bonus" for Limerick Hurling.

Limerick beat Wexford and Cork to lift the Players' Champions Cup home from the Boston Red Sox – Fenway Park.

As Limerick continued to win, more than 12,000 people attended the Super 11s exhibition on Sunday.

Limerick's manager John Kiely said, "It was a good year, it's just a bonus, we were having a good time here.

"Every team has a bit of preparation in two training sessions, which is off season, so the player gets used to the format and enjoys this format with lots of similar games," he explained.

"They are a few days away from Boston and are delighted to have met with other players," Limerick said. "They all enjoyed the trip and had a great time away from home.

Limerick did not prepare for any other counties, but Kiely was convinced that the competitive nature of the players would stand for them.

"All the players are very competitive and there are two shots of crossbar, post and brilliant salvation, I think the goalkeeper is the star of the show, some of the saves and skills are the best drawers and I take off my hat. , "He said about the modified format.

"There are small bits like a ball on the ground, but there are small ones," he said of the potential changes in the Super 11s format.

"I think it's great for young people to go abroad when many young people have played here when they were hit in U-21 in 2016. They have a lot of friends here. I want to see the highest quality hurling and all the stars on TV. "

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