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Limerick sweep the boards at Six All Star and both Year Hurlers


All Ireland Champion Limerick has returned to the best results of the county at the six best PwC All Star prizes on Friday at the Dublin Convention Center. Among the defeated finalists Galway got the three, just like Munster Champion Cork. The balance consists of two Clare and one kilkenny prize.

The PwC All Stars Hurler of the Year award also went to Limerick with Cian Lynch, adding that last week's Gael Writers' Association added a quote to the Hurling Personality of the Year. Another good news for the county was when Kyle Hayes was named Young Hurler.

Lynch, whose technical ability this year was optimized by Limerick, shone on the center and defeated Galway, Joe Canning (last year's prize-winning) and Pádraic Mannion.

The All Star teams are sorted by journalists, while each prize is awarded by county players under the supervision of the Gaelic Players Association.

It seems that this year's team did not have much to do with the successful introduction of the Circle Robin Championships in the provinces – five counties, compared to last year's four – and will not cause much debate.

Limerick forward Tom Morrissey may have been suspicious as he has received 0-21 games and four more frees from his freerolls when he was in an emergency taking over Cork at the Munster Championship after the sender and Aaron Gillane in a great number of big prizes and a critical point defeat at the end of the All-Ireland quarter-finals and the final goal.

Then again, Patrick Horgan, who was the most obvious exclusion, Morrissey, whose brother Dan was on the left wing, picked up a slightly higher scoring average from the match.

After being completely empty in 2017, Kilkenny went back to the All Stars team, Eoin Murphy, the exceptional goalkeeper of the county, won his second prize. The highest point of the season is likely to be the All-Ireland quarter-finals, with four clear targets against Limerick.

Limerick Kyle Hayes won the young knight of the year.

Limerick Kyle Hayes won the young knight of the year.

The All Stars team, announced live on the RTE television, won nine new awards – two years ago, but with the 12 newcomer's 2013 record.

Limerick's defensive excellence was acknowledged by the four rear haters, including the back heel, Sean Finn and Richie English, as well as the back side, captain and midfielder Declan Hannon and Dan Morrissey.

Their backs were restored by Galway, Daithi Burke – whose cousin and winner of All-Ireland clubboy Coran team team Ian also presented with All Star during the night – and another galwayman Pádraic Mannion.

Burke and Mannion, last year's HOTY Joe Canning and Cork Patrick Horgan, are the only player to survive last year's All Stars.

Cork agrees with Galway's three contingents. In addition to Horgan, Darragh Fitzgibbon, center-winger and team-mate Captain Séamus Harnedy are well-known for advancing the wing.

Half a dozen champions are unusually merely a step forward, Graeme Mulcahy, who was unlucky to many people not to be named HOTY after a huge season when his work, consistent scoring and handling played a significant role in the county's first All-Ireland since 1973 .

This year, Limerick picked up only five All Stars and the previous six members of the county came in 1994 when they lost all-Ireland finals against Offaly. This year's winners will all be affected first.

Galway forward Joe Canning is the most decorated this year's pick, taking fifth, while teammate Burke wins the fourth consecutive award.

The balance of the team is transferred by Clare, with Peter Duggan on the right wing, whose extraordinary point at Galway in the All-Ireland semi-finals was one of the highlights of the season and the full progress of John Conlon, whose form reached smoothly through the championship and the championship.

Five years ago, for the first time in five years, there were no Tipperary players who were disappointed during the year when they did not leave Munster.

PwC All Stars 2018

1 Eoin Murphy (Kilkenny, second prize)

2 Seán Finn (Limerick, 1st prize)

3 Daithí Burke (Galway, 4th prize)

4 Richie English (Limerick, 1st Prize)

5 Pádraic Mannion (Galway, second prize)

6 Declan Hannon (Limerick, 1st Prize)

7 Dan Morrissey (Limerick, 1st Prize)

8 Cian Lynch (Limerick, 1st Prize)

Darragh Fitzgibbon (Cork, 1st Prize)

10 Peter Duggan (Clare, 1st Prize)

11 Joe Canning (Galway, fifth prize)

12 <Séamus Harnedy (Cork, second prize)

13 Patrick Horgan (Cork, 3rd Prize)

14 John Conlon (Clare, 1st Prize)

15 Graeme Mulcahy (Limerick, 1st Prize)

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