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Pogba argues that the loss of United Captains does not affect him.


Paul Pogba claimed that Jose Mourinho did not dismiss Vice President Manchester Jou-Mouinho and that his relationship with the manager was healthy.

Foggba wore a bracelet in the absence of Antonio Valencia this season, but Mourinho informed him that he will not do it anymore before the Carabao Cup against Derby County at the end of September.

However, when Pogba returned to his former club Juventus in Wednesday's Champions League game, the midfielder made an offer to upset him.

"To me it did not affect me.I am still playing and I am really happy.Managers choose who is the captain.I, I have been second since Valencia.So if he takes the armband to me, nothing changes.

"I'm just doing my best for team members, fans, fans, clubs, it really did not touch me, it did not affect me, it did not really change."

After winning Manchester United against Leicester City in the Premier League opener, Foggba said he could not say anything. This was taken to show a tense relationship with Mourinho and is an example of the obvious anxiety among them.

But Pogba asked about his relationship. "Manager coach, player manager. Like everyone else, [else] I will say. What happens to other players and managers when I ask this question? [Mourinho] He will say he is a manager and they are a player. I do what he instructs me to do. He is a boss, he is a manager and I listen and enjoy. I just listen. I do it with happiness. "


Mourinho also showed similar responses. "A few months ago Paul told us that we have a typical bishop and a tie-up relationship." I said, "I think we have a terrible relationship, I think there is a good relationship between soccer players. "

Pogba suggested that a 25-year-old should leave according to the suggestion of summer Barcelona. However, midfielder said he was happy with United.

"Do I look sad?" He smiled after he spoke. "no.

"Yes, I am happy, I am happy to have a shirt, and I am very happy to be back in Manchester United. [after leaving in 2012] This team wearing this shirt and jumping in this big club.

"I know that we can do nothing but I am always happy.I am always fighting for my teammates, clubs and fans with a smile.It's what I do, I am really pleased with it. "

Last summer Pogba won the highest honors at the World Cup in France and won four Italian championships in Juventus. However, Manchester City did not win the first two years after returning and is nine points ahead of Manchester City.

If he feels comfortable, Pogba says, "I will not say I'm comfortable, I'm a challenger – I want to get a trophy. [going] And hopefully we will get something. That is why we are definitely a football player. The goal is Premier League and FA Cup and Champions League.

"But we are still there, because the season is long and we have not done our best, but it is not over, and we will know what will happen.

Three trophies

"In my first season we have won three trophies. [and League Cup and Community Shield] – and the Europa League was the main goal to be back in the Champions League. We were in second place, but we did not win the trophy. We have entered the FA Cup final.

"Personally I think it's okay, it was good for me, it was great for the team, and obviously we are Manchester United and we always expect more. [people] We look forward to more from you. I think we are pushing and we can always do better, but I am satisfied with my performance and what I achieved in two years. "

United came in second in Group H (fifth behind Juventus). If you lose at Allianz Stadium, the Italian club will be confirmed as a team champion. But Morinho pointed out how to keep the second qualifying campaign even if United are still defeated in the last two games.

"Tomorrow is a big game, big enough not to think about the next game," he said in connection with a visit to Manchester City on Sunday. "The game against Juventus is not an important game, I will define the next match between Young Boys and Valencia when we are in second place or in the Europa League.

"This is the game we want to win, we want to compete, we want to play, we have to play, we want to, Team best experience is actually for the best team and we think we have that opportunity. But what happens in Valencia and Valencia is not important. We have two more games and we still qualify. "

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