Thursday , March 30 2023

Priority for self-confidence recovery


Garda chairman Dard Harris said that the main task facing the nine-week period is to raise confidence overall, but he said public opinion and support are needed to achieve it.

In an interview with RTÉ News after a joint community policy event in Co Longford last night, the director said the Charleton Report 's conclusions expressed a clear demand for his actions in dealing with issues within the military. Find what you want.

Drew Harris said he was going to the area to get local feedback on crime prevention, but last night at Longford, some local people said they did not know it was their area anymore, commenting on the criticism and finding out the guards they could go to .

He said there might be an operational case to reopen the countryside station according to the demand for the service, but he would also consider moving the village.

The Garda Commissioner did not specifically comment on the retirement of former journalist David Taylor, but said the final page of the Charleton Report appeared to be written directly to him for a request for action, and he found himself unwilling. answer.

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