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Robert's Special Woodwork for the President


President Robert D. Higgins, Robert O'Connor (Connor)
President Robert D. Higgins, Robert O'Connor (Connor)

Robert O'Connor, Wexford's craftsman, recently received a high honor when he was commissioned to produce a special piece for President of Ireland's Michael Michael Higgins.

The newly elected President Higgins for his recent second term recently published a bespoke work when he attended the European Young Scientist Awards in Dublin.

The presentation titled & # 39; Irish Stone & # 39; was inspired by the old stone walls of Ireland still visible in many rural areas.

Robert, owner of O'Reilly 's O'Connor Woodturning Studio, said he was delighted with the commission and said it was a privilege to be asked to make a piece of wood for the president.

This piece was suitable for Michael H. Higgins, who was raised on a farm in County Clare, where stone walls are widespread. I want to take pride in the meaning and craftsmanship of the President who has made the final product with a great amount of time. "

Describing the creation process, Robert said: The sculpture began with a flat piece of Ash, the stone wall design engraved on the inner section, and the outer edges are textured. At that time, they were threshed, colored, and colored. & # 39 ;.

Connor Woodturning Studio is a member of the Wexford Craft Trail and is a member of the Wexford Trail, Wexford Trails member with over 90 member networks integrated into five attractions, including Wexford Heritage Trail, Wexford Walking Trail, Wexford Garden and Wexford Cycling Trail.

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