Wednesday , September 28 2022

Strictly speaking, Danny John-Jules's wife accuses the BBC of stitching up in a partner clash.


Strictly Come Dancing Star Danny John-Jules's wife tried to "destroy" the BBC with an amazing explosion.

Petula Langlais, who has been with Red Dwarf actors for 17 years with two children, is, technically speaking, "throwing Danny on the bus."

Daily Mirror revealed how dancer Amy Dowden ran massive rallies earlier this week and then heard how the dancer "could not do it anymore" and ran away from training .

She followed a line from the dance studio to a BBC producer that she could no longer match up with the previous Red Dwarf actor. Before you reconcile with the actor later.

However, Petula, who stood in Strictly Studio with Dante and Danae cheering for Danny, feels her husband is stitched.

Petula Langlais posted her frustration on Twitter.

Petula, who lives in Notting Hill for 1 million pounds with Star tweeted yesterday: "Wow @bbcstrictlyPR @bbcstrictly is really throwing Danny Joe Jules under that bus! … I was shocked … why do you want to destroy Do you? "

We said yesterday that the BBC bosses told Danny after his line in training that he should "keep in mind his actions to move forward."

Yesterday, the source told Mirror how big the footwork for Samba this weekend was. And they repeated the claim that they were harassed.

The insider said: "He is a hard person, but he is not a thug. He wants to be tired, but never swears or objections on purpose.

"She never felt threatened, but she got angry a number of times.

"Nothing seems to register with him.

Danny and his family

"The discrepancy went beyond the footwork, she was going back to 1, 2, 3, 4, and she did not listen or just talk.

She said she could not do this anymore and she could not walk out. She did not shed tears around her, but she began to cry when she came out the door. "

Last night, the pair put on another united front with two take-out shows in the pre-recorded parts.

Amy said, "A few things happened a few days ago at the rehearsal … Do you know what we did immediately after breaking the 30 minutes?

"I've never been threatened or threatened by Danny, I want to win this player in Blackpool and the Final."

And Danny added: "Well, all I can say is that the only reason here is because of Amy, and I will never bite the hand that feeds me.

"I am happy, because I have been on the show for the last few days, it will be the best dance we have ever had.

A bizarre image posted by Strictly star

"I'm glad she's wearing pants, why are we going to argue with a girl in Wales?"

Today Danny said on Twitter: "My conscience has never been clearer."

He also compared himself with King Kong, who eats a screaming girl on a bizarre Twitter bulletin board.

Paradise Danny in Paradise star Danny is one of the winners of the award since a week.

Last weekend, he and Amy closed the floor of the leaderboard, but Dr Ranj Singh and Dr. Janette Manrara avoided the dance off.

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