Thursday , May 13 2021

Tips on Magilton, Dundalk’s role as football manager

Jim Magilton emerged as a leader to become the new football manager for Dundalk FC.

The 51-year-old is currently working since 2013 as the Elite Performance Director for the Northern Ireland IFA.

However, former Liverpool, Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswichtown midfielders are known to have taken on the newly formed roles at Oriel Park.

Chairman Bill Hulsizer admitted earlier today that three nominees were running for this position.

The 78-year-old confirmed that “we have a list of finalists, and here are three.”

“We haven’t agreed on any of the three yet, but we’re working hard and it will happen in the next few weeks. We’ve been searching for a while and now we’ve found three candidates. We’ll pick one of them someday in the next two weeks. “

It doesn’t matter if Dundog calls him Pope of Football. He will be to the boss

When asked what the exact title of the new person was, Hulsizer said, “Boss. I don’t know what to say. It doesn’t matter if I call him Pope Football in Dundog. It doesn’t matter. The boss will be there.”

Hulsizer, who has been criticized by supporters for interference with field activities this season, has flaws in what the current arrangement of PEAK6 performs in the United States once a new appointment is made.

“The person we choose should have business skills, soccer skills, soccer knowledge, soccer contacts, business contacts. We need someone to run the club. We can’t do it in America. We didn’t do a great job. We did a great job in the Europa League. Except it is far.

“The freshman’s job is to run the club. There should be no daily communication between the board and the people who run the club in Ireland.

“You need an organization, but it doesn’t. This will be his first mission.”

Magilton, who manages Ipswich Town and Queens Park Rangers, knows about the Irish League as an assistant to Michael O’Neill when Shamrock Rovers won the title in 2011.

However, Dundog is expected to confirm full-time coach of Italy’s Filippo Giovagnoli later this week.

“He was offered a contract,” Hulsizer said.

“He’s reviewing it, but Filippo is Italian and English is not his native language. Irish law is complex and if the contract was in Italian, he would probably have already signed it. But he is now under review.

“I see him becoming a manager next year. We’re working on that basis and trying to sign the contract and everything and it will be done next week.”

When asked if he would hire a new football manager to identify the target, he said it was on Giovagnoli’s shoulders.

Surely he is not familiar with the Irish character

“It’s going to be Filippo’s job. He’s a coach,” he said.

“If Filippo has weaknesses, I’m hoping he will help and supervise him because he could be in the administration. Surely he’s not familiar with the Irish character.

“Do you expect all candidates to completely ignore the football side because they have a good football background? No, I look forward to being able to get involved and help where they can. If you hire a boss, he is the boss.”

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