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& # 39; Who are those guys? & # 39; William Goldman's artistry


& # 39; Who are those guys? & # 39; William Goldman's artistryCNN image
Screenplay Man William Goldman speaks during the screening of "Butch Cassidy" during the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival in North Cove on April 24, 2009 at the World Financial Center Square in New York City.

When we watch a movie, we feel temptation to talk to one ear and to hear it to the other because we can see more than we hear.

As screenwriters know this and are forced to end the conversation, they seek ways to attract attention. Their names alone will not do so, drawing attention and sometimes immortality through two lines or two of the audience's collective memory bank.

For example, consider the following: "You can not fight here, this is the room of war!" "Dr. Strangelove, or learned how to stop violence and love" (1964). The line has a literary reputation for sarcastic novels such as "The Magic Christian" and "Candy," but the "War Room" joke is given to Terry Southern, which is remembered by more people.

William Goldman, who died on Friday in New York at the age of 87, began his career as a novelist before the age of 33 and published five novels. But he has published novels and nonfiction in different books, but he will be remembered more for Oscar. It is a scenario of "Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid" (1969) and "The President of All Men" (1976).

Goldman Sachs was the mastermind of a concise conversation that flows into a sharper, nightmare momentum. Celebrities in the most spectacular and glamorous Goldman script allowed amusing people to delight into the audience's ears and allow ample space to stay there.

In "Butch Cassidy", Robert Redford confesses that he can not jump into the river from a high cave because he can not swim. Butch (Paul Newman) smiles and says: "Are you crazy? I'll probably kill you later!" (Of course they jump.)

If you want to say something different about the "Butch / Sundance" (which was the most profitable movie of the year), you have to think that for a long time you have to have a pretty good sense of pacing and hearing in order to leave your audience repeatedly. The fugitive heroes said, "Who are they?"

Perhaps it would have been there to understand all the effects of "Butch / Sundance". Goldman, however, has had enough of at least 20 years of scripting to relate to his novels ("Marathon Man", "Magic", "Heat") and other people's novels (Harper, "Harper" I made contact. "The Stepford Wives", "Misery", "Absolute Power") and true story ("All the President's Man", "Chaplin").

These and many others, including some of the credits he has, have their fans. But since I had a bottom, Goldman would declare that "The Princess Bride", a 1983 adaptation of the Fantasy Quest novel in 1987, will be his best achievement. I do not think alone about the combination of frown slapstick, high adventure, fascinating romance and inventive "princess bride".

And there is not only a memorable line. A person says, "I can not imagine!" (Blurred by Wallace Sean in the movie) A "bride princess" believer can be exposed. Nicole Kidman, Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain and Emma Thompson's contemporary Hollywood actor " Princess of the bride "Kidman wistfully:" I just want a man to say what he wants. "The hero of Cary Elwes says the word in the movie.

Goldman has made such eternal magic easy to see. And he argued that scenario writing is more of a skill than the scenarios involved in writing a novel or composing a poem.

But the hard work was often able to create a professional way through the impenetrable bushes of the film industry. In dealing with the wave of producers, directors, agents, stars, and other Hollywood fieldworkers, Goldman Sachs caught up with a horrific and corrosive conclusion about the movie business. One of them is that "Adventure Travel" Screen Trade "(1983) is one of the wisest and juicy insider accounts for show business.

"Nobody knows," he wrote. "I do not know one person in the whole movie field is certain, every time it is speculative and lucky, I am an educated person."

Repeat: "Nobody knows." As mentioned earlier, the man can come up with a long-lasting creaky line.

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