Thursday , March 30 2023

Behaviorists set up statues of protest after police propose to subpoena PM's counsel in a submarine incident – Israel News


Activists of the opposition Zionist Union (CSI) set up a 9-meter-long submarine sculpture in Tel Aviv to protest the link with the government's allegations of so-called submarine incidents.

The message on the statue reads "Netanyahu – a failed manager or a corrupt leader." The country is sinking with Bibi, nicknamed Benjamin Netanyahu.

>> Israeli Submarine Case: Police Prosecution Recommendation Drowned in the Sea | Analysis Netanyahu confirms that his party falls with him when he sinks. analysis

"Netanyahu's power collapse is closer than ever, and we came here early in the morning to wake up the citizens of Israel to see the size and depth of the submarine incident," said Alon Visser, head of the Zionist coalition's headquarters.

Submarine statue reads

On Thursday, police announced that they were urging six people to be indicted for involvement in a corruption case involving a $ 2 billion deal to buy submarines and boats at German shipyard ThyssenKrupp.

Police charged Netanyanyuu lawyer and devotee David Shimron. His former director David Sharan; Former Navy Chief of Staff, Eliezer Marom and two other naval officers are in similar bribes.

Police say there is not enough evidence to charge another lawyer, Isaac Molho, in Netanyanuu.

Michael Ganor, former chief of Israel's ThyssenKrupp, presented national evidence on the case. Ganor worked with the Brig in the Navy. Gen. (res.) Avriel Bar-Yosef. The police also recommended a charge.

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