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Biker pedals on metal to raise record $ 3.5 million for sick kids | Jns


Madonna, Cher, Michael Bublé and Kathleen Turner used the nickname "The Wheel of Love" on an annual bike ride and raised more than $ 3.5 million by updating ALYN's record in the pediatric rehabilitation hospital.

A 5-day bike trip that offers a variety of routes for many riding is just over in Israel. The goal was to raise $ 3.2 million for children at ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. NPY was a nonprofit medical center founded 85 years ago and was able to rehabilitate sick children as soon as possible. Until the end of the ride, the number reached $ 3,517,634.

It is Israel's most comprehensive international sports charity event with hundreds of riders and volunteers from all over the Jewish and worldwide.

Carol Sober is one of 600 cyclists collecting $ 3.5 million to help children at the ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. Credit: "The wheels of love."

Approximately 600 bikers participated in the flight from the United States (almost 1/3 of the bikers from outside Israel). During the first three days, riders enjoyed challenging roads and mountain trails in the South and Dead Sea areas, and riders faced the slopes of the Jewish hills during the last two days. At the end of the ride, the bicycle rider on all paths will be brought to the hospital with the police guard to receive the hero's welcome to the current patient, staff, friends and family. generosity.

"Coming to ALYN on the last day of horseback riding is a very exciting yet modest experience," says Ben Cohen, who plays with the AK Riders team in Woodmere, New York. "You see children who overcome many obstacles such as five days of horseback riding, heat, wind, rough terrain, crazy downhill, steeper uphill, and many other big challenges in everyday life. Us medal! "

N.J. Harmon Grossman of Teaneck finished the bike 8 times. "People talk about all the holy places in Jerusalem, but the most holy place in Jerusalem is a hospital that specialist hospitals and volunteers help hospitals across Israel to overcome the most serious challenges that can be raised in life "

"The last climb to Jerusalem is always physically difficult, but I do not panic if I have children with sight disorders who are happily waiting to see you in the hospital and write medals on their necks.

Ron Offer participated for the sixth time. The offer to train a passenger car in Silver Spring, Maryland, says "a true hero / heroine" on the children of ALYN. "After a long time since we got off the bike, they struggle every day of the year, they have not volunteered for their ascending efforts, they simply can not stop riding when they want, they fight every day and never give up."

We have to go through the desert for valuable work. Credit: Thomas Federal Sports Pictures.

In fact, the most encouraging group of participants is patients and all patients. Quick and bold ALYN riders can ride a tandem bike, a handcycle or an ordinary bicycle in one day or the whole time. They demonstrate their individual abilities under the guidance of dedicated volunteers.

Qais Oweis, 17, who just completed a 50-kilometer road bike on his handbike, said, "It's amazing. Qais has been able to walk with crutches after several operations and has received rehabilitation for several months after the operation of ALYN.

Depending on their capabilities,

Ruth Witztum, a physiotherapist at ALYN's rehabilitation center, has acted swiftly and boldly over the last seven years. Biker herself, in the first year at ALYN she rode in "The Wheel of Love" as a contestant. The following year, she saw the children being treated and some of them thought she could get involved. At first I thought it was impossible for children and their families. Some were unable to walk, and some were in a step to get help. And Witztum asked me for a two-kilometer race.

But the children were in trouble. And Ruth saw a remarkable change. "I have dreamed" 2 km has become 10 km. As a result, children's confidence has increased as well as parental trust. Parents were so accustomed to working on treatment time that they knew they were "changing equipment" and were preparing to schedule their work around a training session. Children who can not participate in other after-school activities are now part of the group.

The biker received a medal from the hospital patient. Credit: ALYN.

According to Witztum, "As children ride on their bikes, their health, independence and mobility have improved." We had to find the right bike for each bike, and more importantly, become successful riders and redefine themselves It is because of the ability to ride, though. "

Children between the ages of 10 and 22 are now seriously trained with volunteer groups for four months. This year there were 15 swift daring team members who used the off-road and on-road routes of bicycles and manual bikes with other bicyclists from Israel and abroad.

The donations raised as part of the campaign eliminate the gap between the hospital's actual expenditures, the quality of comprehensive rehabilitation treatment provided, and the repayment of the regular official benefits received for each hospitalized child.

Dr. Maurit Beeri, director of the ALYN Hospital, said: "Once funded, the Israeli National Health Insurance system can provide children with treatments and treatments for their children, rather than restricting what they need. To additional therapists, emotional support forms, innovative interdisciplinary projects, and more practical nursing, which will help give your child the opportunity to make all the changes in the world. "

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