Thursday , March 30 2023

Colbert Slams Huckabee Sanders for Cycled Doctored Video


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Stephen Colbert has accused White House secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders of circulating a video that CNN's Jim Acosta has refused to give Mike a white house intern at a news conference.

The video accelerated and led to the illusion that Acosta had extruded a female intern roughly. This manipulated clip was initially shared by Paul Joseph Watson, who produced the conspiracy videos of the infectious website Infowars.

"so That Is Sanders a reliable source? CNN is fake news, and to prove it, there is a reputable news source that is believed by the government to put a plastic liner in a juice box and turn our son into a gay frog. "- Stephen Colbert

Huckabee Sanders used video clips to help justify the White House's decision to abolish Acosta's press release. Colbert said Huckabee Sanders was good enough to step back.

"The fact that the White House press secretary promotes this video should be condemned and grounds for dismissal, or as they call it on Thursday at Trump Administration." – Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel accused the Trump administration of appointing acting attorney Matthew Whitaker after the expulsion of Jeff Sessions.

Kimmel worked at a company that sold hot tubs and sent Whitaker's videos from her previous job. Then he reveals important facts about the company. Kimmel says Whitaker should be disqualified from becoming the nation's best law enforcement officer.

"The company he promoted proved fraudulent and had to pay millions of dollars in damages after being closed down by the FTC, but there is a jacquard salesman as the Attorney General. Mueller must be himself "jacuz" on the probe. "- Jimmy Kimmel

Colbert turned his attention to the governor of Georgia, but it has not been decided yet. For Stacey Abrams, Democratic candidate, thousands of uncommitted votes can be released if they are opened hard.

"Her opponent, Brian Kemp, is Secretary of State of Georgia and has drawn more than one million voters, including more than 50,000 applications, mainly from African Americans, because the ID did not exactly match other states. It's like wow-exaggerated because it's as small as a small hyphen. It's refreshing to see a Republican politician grammar Nazi. "- Stephen Colbert

The comedian Bridget Everett sings for Idris Elba. Well, it is not. Really Idris Elba. And maybe not exactly singing. But you get the point.

James Corden parody a new teenage romance novel, "Every Boy I Loved," starring actor Noah Centineo.

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