Tuesday , May 30 2023

Netflix rage describing Amman as Tel Aviv Jordan


The new Netflix series currently being filmed at Amman sparked anger in Jordan after the Jordanian capital was found to be used as an independent anniversary Tel Aviv with the show set up.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, an American streaming company has decided to shoot this project from Amman with a budget constraint. The production is reportedly filmed in about 50 locations in the Jordanian capital.

Photos posted on social media show vehicles with Israeli license plates and street signs in Hebrew.

Amman's Netflix shooting scene

Amman's Netflix shooting scene

Al Akhbar, who asked if he could participate in the film production, made it clear that the nature of the performance "may not be acceptable to everyone."

When a reporter asked the producers to explain more about this issue, she not only simulated Tel Aviv in the Amman area, but also said, "In some cases, actors may have to wear IDF uniforms."

The paper noted that local production is handled by Jordan's company Desert Motion Pictures.

The news raged on social media among Jordanians, and some wondered why the Jordanian media did not publish the issue more extensively.

"They occupy our hearts as well as our land, why does not anyone talk about it?" I asked one user.

An Israeli vehicle license plate for cars in Jordan was featured on the Netflix show set (Photo: סרט נטפליקס עומאן רחוב אלרואי)

Supporting Resistance and Fighting Standardization groups sent letters to Jordanian Film Department to authorize film production through a demanding description of the country on this issue.

"Netflix is ​​making films from Amman to Tel Aviv, and the producers are asking them to participate in casting to get their IDF uniforms," ​​the letter stressed the organization.

The organization also needed to know why Israeli film crews were allowed to enter the archaeological sites of Petra and the deserts of Wadi Rum.

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