Thursday , June 1 2023

Rivlin: You can love Ariel without abusing him & # 39;


President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin addressed Cheshvan (28th) at the 7th Higher Education Conference to mark the 60th anniversary of the Council for Higher Education and the 70th anniversary of Israel's independence on Tuesday, November 6th . Naftali Bennet, Minister of Education and Yaffa Zilbershats, also spoke at the conference.

"We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel and the 60th anniversary of the Council on Higher Education," the Israeli state was founded on vision and grand vision. "A country that is proud of science and technology development, a Nobel Prize winner, a country that makes the world a better place every day through knowledge, innovation, learning and research"

President Bush said, "I convey deep affection, gratitude and honesty to you, the priest of education. I can love Ariel without laughing at academia. I have the privilege to support Ariel University. We have Efraim Katzir, saying that there are places where the Jews will be educated.I was a strong supporter of Ariel University and was included in the committee of university presidents.But we broke the cartel of the university & These are the institutions that I am proud of, and we all have a common goal: we have a prosperous Jewish and democratic state in an independent and superior higher education sector that is not politically affected We have a common goal. We are not acting, we are arguing. We do not bow our heads, we try to understand rather, we do it as we say. It is the way in which the founding country was built here: the generations of inventors, researchers, creators and programmers have grown up here. "

President Bush said of the "new campus" that was founded under the leadership of the Higher Education Board and the Planning and Budgeting Chairman. "Since I took office, I have been promoting the Israeli Hope initiative in academia, with the planning committee and with the committee of the savings committee, colleges and universities. This is the first and last place academics meet before students from all social sectors join the work world One of our strategic goals is to strengthen the links between academia and employment and to increase academia's commitment to academic achievement, especially in the areas of graduates, especially Arab and Harvey. "Not only is the new campus an opportunity, but it has also changed the changing Israeli reality." Recently, we read the hardships of providing higher education to Haredi men, and this week's figures show the Haredi people Included. This is a warning signal to our society and our economy. I am confident that the new campus initiative can address two challenges: to link academia and employment, and to include Arab and Haredi societies in fair employment. I believe that the Israeli academia should play a positive, creative and meaningful role without looking at the new Israeli society as a spectator. "

He congratulated Professor Moshe Kave, Professor Ayelet Shavit and Professor Uriel Reichman, who have played a role in this national and social work, as well as the Higher Education Award. "Your costume shows how academic excellence works. We have to strengthen our society and our country." Professor Reichman, my friend, congratulated you on your achievements and achievements in your breakthrough academic vision, give. "

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