Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Rock says he’s so muscular that he can’t fit in a car for’Red Notice’.


  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s muscular physique left his new film director to film a car chase scene at the last minute because Johnson couldn’t get into Porsche.
  • Johnson wrote that he didn’t fit his body because he had a wide back and felt “the big hip brown marshmallow stuck in the coin slot.”
  • “F — it. Welcome to 2020.”
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s huge frame is now getting too big for his own benefit.

Johnson shared a story on Sunday that the director of his new movie “Red Notice” had to change the order of the car chase at the last minute because the former WWE superstar was too big to get into the Porsche Taycan sports car.

Johnson said on Instagram: “Guess who is too big to fit in another sports car. Now you have to reorder the whole shot.”

He said the film’s director, Rawson Thurber, “written this crazy chase scene where I got on this iconic Porsche and made me the bad guy who took the steering wheel.”

“Well, it took months to prepare, buy this car, and ship it to the US, and it cost me. Now is the time to practice the big chase sequence,” he continued.

Johnson continued to write that Thurber asked him to get into the car, but he felt like “big ass brown marshmallows being pushed into the coin slots” because the waist was wide and didn’t fit.

“After about 15 seconds of uncomfortable silence, Rawson and me and all the crew started laughing at our ass!” Johnson added.

“F — It. Welcome to 2020.”

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Fortunately, Johnson said Thurber had found a “creative” way to get the shot he needed.

‘Red Goji’, starring Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, is set to hit Netflix next year.

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