Sunday , April 18 2021

A photo without light? Using Pixel 3 all day with AI

Pixel 3 night photo

With Pixel 3's firmware update, we are able to make improvements to the already excellent cameras on Google smartphones. Now you can capture amazing images even at night or in very poor lighting conditions. This update actually introduces the Night Camera feature of the camera option. Typically used for high-noise digital photos: dark-colored pixels with a dark background and pictures that generally have no clear, accurate color range.

Pixel 3 not only exploits large sensors and tranquil lenses with the stabilization of optical sensors, but also eliminates these defects thanks to the power of our machine learning algorithms. When you select the function, Pixel 3 actually takes a short video containing dozens of frames and compares and combines it in seconds with the AI ​​algorithm. It's a really amazing result in the test because you can shoot at dawn in a dark room, take pictures without using artificial lighting, and compare them to the same conditions as photos taken on high-end smartphones like the iPhone XS.

Google's engineers raised the photographer without any difficulty, taking into account all the situations in which they could take pictures. If the subject moves in the scene, there is a danger of ruining the picture. Pixel 3 captures the same amount. By combining multiple shots of dark, but sharp, single-long exposures, these algorithms combine to prevent blurring and produce brighter, clearer, and clearer pictures.

Night function also optimally manages proper hand tremors and uses machine learning to compensate for small movements that always occur in scenes to be photographed, adjusting the color balance of the picture to keep it in its natural color.

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