Saturday , June 3 2023

Eugenio Gaudio resigns Lightning as Director of Health at Calabria. Count and Hope take great risks-libero Quotidiano


that much Calabria I can’t find peace. Health Commissioner just appointed by the Council of Ministers, Eugenio Gaudio, He resigned. He announced it himself republic. It is the third time to leave this place. Before him Saverio Cotticelli, Guilty of not preparing Covid plans for the region; then Giuseppe Zuccatelli, The protagonist of a video scandal in which he claims that the mask is useless; And now Gaudio is also overwhelmed by the controversy that he will be investigated for a conspiracy for disturbance. However, in this case, the controversy will not be the reason for his resignation. Gaudio “Personal and family reasons“.” My wife has no plans to move Catanzaro. A job like this should do my best and I have no intention of opening a family crisis. “He said. republic.

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