Thursday , March 30 2023

Fireing EX layer: There is no DRM on the PC version and release date will be announced soon.


Giovanni Panzano
Friday, November 9, 2018, 15:55 GMT

Developers at Fighting EX Layer posted information about the future of game combat in meetings.

In the Steam version announcement Fighting EX layer, Arika He no longer knew anything about the game.

Fortunately, over the past few hours, we've posted a new post on the developer's Facebook page that contains details about the new project.

First of all, it is announced that the date of PC version supported for 4K will be announced next week. This version also DRM, This is because small software companies can not cover the costs of implementing systems such as Denuvo.

The news does not end here, it also affects the owner of the title. Playstation 4. New updates will be available in the coming weeks. There is also support for Italian.

Nothing left but wait for the release date of the Fighting EX Layer on Steam for a few days.


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