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Gf Vip, Fabio was engaged to Daria, ex-wife Walter: "He left me alone.


New promise with news big bro VIP, Channel 5 reality show [VIDEO] Led by Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini. Latest News Fabio Bassilé and Walter Noodle. When the Olympic champion was a guest of Verissimo, he said that he was engaged to judoka,Former wife Tachiana Because she left her little children.

Gf Vip news: I forgot about Daria with Fabio Basile and Giulia Providencei.

Fabio Bassilé It was the protagonist of today's episode. Very facts, Where he told his experience of the house Big Brother VIP And anecdotes related to his private realm.

Fabio began showing amazing interest to Sylvia Topanin. Julia Providade, Now chat On the alleged betrayal of his fiancé Pierluigi Gollini [VIDEO]. In this connection, Relationship with Ukraine judokaDaria, a lovely and lovely girl. He also said he will visit her on November 28th in Ukraine.

During the chat, he talked about his experiences. Gf VIPHe declared that he did not fight anyone, and felt that too many were lacking. Finally he announced an anecdote of childhood. The anecdote was at risk of dying at the age of four as the pneumonia worsened.

Big Brother Vip: Walter Nudo, Tachiana's attack on the ex-wife

If Fabio Basile forgets Giulia Provvedi with Daria, Walter Noodle For some statements in the center of the stormFormer wife TachianaHe had two children.

If Walter had an unforgettable moment with his ex-wife, He literally packed it..

In detail, Tatiana is a di It was abandoned by a man. Two children grew up. In addition, the dancer insisted that her former husband restored her relationship with the children when she was older. But professional dancers did not close their fathers' faces. She also told Dimo ​​that she was forced to do it. Two things to keep your family. Can two people organize? You have to wait for a new episode of the Big Brother Vip that was aired on Monday, November 19.

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