Thursday , July 7 2022

Giuseppe Liotta, a pediatrician's discovery, disappeared near Corleone.


Research by Giuseppe Liotta Pediatrician in Palermo For 40 years the track was lost on Saturday evening following the Statale da Ficuzza a Corleone. The doctor was surprised at the Corleone Hospital. bad weather Over the last few hours, I have suffered damage and sacrificed many people in Sicily. Corleone Carabinieri found a lost jacket, jeans, and other clothing that belonged to a pediatrician like a belt. On Saturday night, however, a car in Raviotta was already found on highway 118, which was interrupted several times by landslides and floods. The doctor's last call was made to his wife Floriana. Wow and confused, he wanted to be on the phone.

Giuseppe Liotta did not hesitate to put his life at risk to work. The team of the National Alpine Rescue Team at the Palermo-Madonie station continues to explore the area between Ficuzza and Corleone. Liotta's work has been hampered by the clayey soil surrounding Rao's carbonate rocks. The operation was mainly about the area of ​​"Dragon Valley". Ruggero Razza Health Counselor has spoken with the missing doctor's wife. "Like all Sicilians, I followed the story of Giuseppe Liotta, a pediatrician, with great concern and special obligation. He did not hesitate to put his life in danger to work. I keep in touch with the supervisor of the ASP in Palermo to get all useful updates. "

His sense of duty pushed him to challenge the bad weather. "Everyone is a great pediatrician from the professional and human point of view, and they all admire him for his kindness, courtesy, professionalism and dedication." Joseph worked for 10 years at the children's hospital after ten years of provisional duty, I decided to stabilize the Corleone Hospital, "said Domenico Cipolla, ASP neonatal director in Palermo. "A colleague who was a security guard will stay at night. – Added basic – said to him: It is not appropriate to work. It did not rain when I left Palermo at 6 pm. The water bombs dropped to 19.30. In the middle he made a second call. And colleagues repeated that there was bad weather. Giuseppe stuck with other cars. If he did not work, nothing would have happened. There is no disciplinary penalty. The continuity of territory is important is the normal relationship between peers. Due to his sense of duty, I have challenged the weather. According to the first reconstruction, he left the national road and escaped the second road where the river was. Perhaps he threw it out of the car and the mud would have overwhelmed him. "The Primary talked about one of the missing 40s as a fantastic pediatrician. "She also has a pediatrician and two children, and we are all embarrassed about what happened. I go to the research and hospital places to support those who work with him destroyed by what happened. There are now 20 doctors from Palermo who will work at Corleone's hospital. I was able to see the difficulties of connection alone. I sent an e-mail to ASP Antonio Candela, who knows he has reported a serious road situation to his supervisor. "

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