Monday , October 3 2022

Here’s how Milan is led:


Given that Stefano Fioli’s confiscation, positive for the coronavirus after Saturday, the natural replacement of the Milan bench should have been Giacomo Murelli, the historic general manager of Rossoneri Kochi for over 16 years. With nothing to do, Covid-19 will also prevent secondary coaches from taking away the satisfaction of driving the devil for the first time. After an internal assessment, the club has nominated a replacement for two’Titler’ coaches, which will be the newborn Daniele Bonera from the UEFA Pro Master (he’s on the way with Andrea Pirlo), who won Coverciano. So Serie A’s coaching fame and burden will go back to the former defender and now Pioli’s technical assistant, who can sit on the bench of San Paolo and direct training sessions at Milanello.

Previous -During his career, Bonera first wore the Brescia shirt on October 25, 2010, then took the field in Naples 5 times with Milan. October 25, 2010, 3 losses, draw, single win. This was the last AC Milan success in Vesuvio’s shadow, along with an AC Milan shirt on the pitch, as well as Gattuso he would find against the blue bench. The seven precedents between the two show that Reno, who won three victories against Danielle, has the advantage of Reno, who beat Daniele three times, compared to a single victory over the man who led Milan to San Paolo on Sunday evening. give. .

How AC Milan is led -Rosoneri’s version 2.0 of Bonera began when he arrived on the Milan bench of Giampaolo, whom he appointed as his technical assistant a year ago. Fiolido, who now inherits Torino coach, has also decided to continue his collaboration with former Villa Real. Now you have the opportunity to coach the Serie A leader, where two coaches have been eliminated thanks to a more unique situation than the rare one. Bonera will lead Milan with Davide Lucarelli (another Pioli collaborator since 2010) with the help of a match analyst. And Pioli connects remotely and gives direction.

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