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How many calories are you burning? What time does it depend on?


Our bodies tend to have more energy to relax during the late afternoon and evening. It highlights the importance of our 24-hour rhythm, which is our internal clock, which has a significant impact on our metabolism.


Calory sheep When we take a break (REE, English break energy consumption) the time depends on the time of the month: in the late afternoon and evening, our body is almost burned. 10% Late at night and over calories than in the early morning. Proving it is a new study, Current Biology, Emphasizing an important role Circadian rhythm, Our internal clock, script.

Circadian rhythmIn fact, it maintains synchronization with day and night cycles, for example. sunshine. This is why some people are irritated by the two factors that can make this cycle unstable weight (REE corresponds to most of the energy we ingest from our body every day and is a determinant of weight change.)


The research took place in a special one. laboratory There is no window, internet connection or telephone to prevent 7 participants from understanding it. time They were outside. Each participant watchIt was regulated by researchers and advanced four hours a day. During the three-week-long experiment, each participant had to wake up at a certain time. Moving the clock forward is actually like moving four times from west to west slot everyday.

This study simulated a complete prototype every week around the world, so the participants' body clocks could not be maintained. " Jeanne Duffy, Co-author of the study, added that the team could measure the REE of participants in all diverse biological times of the day.

Calories of rest

From the data obtained, the lowest consumption was found. Calorie At break, it corresponds to the late-night standing circadian stage. Temperature The decline of our bodies. The highest REE corresponded to the opposite phase, approximately 12 hours after the late afternoon and evening.

But that number Calorie Not only does our body have a changing rest according to the rhythm of the work cycle rhythm, but also what our body uses to produce energy. The team actually Respiratory index The patient's QR (QR), carbon dioxide Breathing e Oxygen Inspiration. This factor provides guidelines for the proportion of fat and carbohydrates used in the body to be produced energyResearchers have also observed that this also varies from one round to the next. Especially in the morning and evening (in this case, more carbohydrates) evening, QR is lowered (corresponding to the body burning more fat to produce energy).

"It affects the amount of energy we burn or transform when we take a break from eating rather than eating. maintain, "Explained Duffy" As a result, regular habits of eating and sleeping are very important to our health. " The team now has appetite and the reaction of our bodies food They change at the biological level of the day, and how it affects the duration and regularity of biodiversity Sleep.

References: Current Biology

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