Friday , August 12 2022

Italy's first trailer, Charizard hero


This film will be the first live action of one of the longest and most famous franchises in the world.

As far as we know Pokemon Pikachu Detective A small electric mouse will become the first real life franchise to fight mysteries instead of fighting other Pokemon as usual. This is the first trailer of the movie along with Charizard's main protagonist.

this is The first description of the history of the film, Thanks to the site Super Brod Movie:

"Harry Goodman begins to mysteriously disappear." And read the synopsis. Harry's former colleague, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, is an exaggerated superhero who constantly surprises. Tim, along with Pikachu, will partner in a few challenging situations. Pokemon begins with a thrilling adventure and travels with a very complicated riddle. In a realistic world where humans and Pokémon coexist, they discover shocking events that can encounter different pokémon, destroy the peaceful coexistence of the two worlds, and threaten the entire Pokémon universe. "

So, depending on what comes out, the audience will expect a lot of action and fun in a situation that reminds us of traditional yellow in the ordinary world of Pokemon. As the video game suggested, many other Pokemon related plots (in addition to Aipom, Glalie, Gengar, Mewtwo and many others, of course Charizard, in video games) have been identified.

Guests of the annual Pokemon World Championships in Nashville's Video Games and Cards Division Rob Letterman He talked about this movie before.

"It's a fantastic story, it's the feelings that make the first live action of this big franchise." Pokemon Company has done a lot in this world, and as soon as I entered this world, I fell in love with him. I think, fans got a lot of favor with the IGN: "There is a director that is comparable to the guardians of the galaxy." Pikachu is really real, and it's like a galaxy's rocket. We have some people who have worked with Marvel Saga, The Jungle Book or Fantastic Animals. Technically, visual effects are the most sophisticated in the world and everything is very realistic. "

Clearly, the main character is clearly Pikachu, the historical face of the franchise. There will be a movie space for other Pokemon.: "Before working closely with The Pokemon Company and Game Freak, the entire production team has been thinking about how to put the most Pokémon in the movie, including evolution, and trying not to limit the field to only favorites. We had to choose to lend better to visual effects and conspiracy. "

Pokemon Detective Pikachu, Director Rob Letterman, cast. Ryan Reynolds In a voice Detective Pikachu, Smith (Team Goodman), Catherine Newton (Lucy Stevens), Watanabe Ken (Detective Yoshida), Vilnigi, Sukhi Waterhouse, Chrisger, Ritaora, Omar Cha Faro. Worldwide distributions include Warner Bros. Pictures (on behalf of Universal), but Toho remains a Japanese distributor.

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