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LIVE Frosinone-Fiorentina, real-time direct result: a chance to Simeone


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LIVE FROSINONE-FIORENTINA. Click here to update in real time.

14 & # 39; – Two opportunities for Fiorentina: Sportiello first attempted a second measurement in the church after Simeone rejected the shot for the second post.
Corner kick from Frosinone – Beckett's low cross has been removed from the back of Fiorentina.
12 & # 39; – Biraghi tried to cross in a far-off cross, but the pass was long for all of his companions.
9 – The first corner of the game is for Frosinone: Referee Easter stirs foul on offense
8 Benassi showed his inexperience when he failed to take his man from the middle, but Simeone managed to get hold of the rebound.
6 – The church tried with Benassi and 1-2, but Goldaniga closed the line.
4 – Even Frosinone will be shown with Zampano trying to provide Vloet in the middle, but the purple defender closes immediately.
3-Benassi tried Simeone with a deep shot, but the purple striker could touch the ball without checking it.
1 & # 39; – We started! Frosinone-Fiorentina's Easter kick-off. The first ownership is for social unity.

20: 27-The teams are in the tunnel.
20:10 – The referee of the game is Fabrizio Pasqua. Tide: Longo and Peretti. Fourth: Illuzzi. Var from Nasca and Fiorito.

19: 40 Frosinone Official Training (3-4-2-1): Sportiello, Goldaniga, Ariaudo, Capuano, Zampano, Chibsah, Maiello, Beghetto, Vloet, Campbell, Ciofani.
19: 40 Official Fiorentina training (4-3-3): Lafont; Milenkovic, Pezzella, Vitor Hugo, Biraghi; Benassi, Veretout, Gerson; Church, Simeon, Pjaca.

Welcome to 17: 30-. SuperNews Text Frosinone V Fiorentina

I'll be on stage tonight at 20:30. Frosinone V FiorentinaSerie A The game starts on the 12th day. The demonstration matches are in good shape. In fact, in the last three games, Gialloblu did not lose 7 points (1 win 2). Nevertheless, Frosinone is the second second in the area of ​​salvation. FiorentinaInstead, he is having a hard time. The Fiori team actually defeated Atalanta 2-0 and missed the promise on September 30th. There was a loss of three points and one loss in the next four games. Viola is currently in eighth place and is only 2 points away from the Europa League. Tonight Prosino and Fiorentina They will face each other for the third time. In the previous two, Pioli's team never lost and won 1 win and 1 win.

Frosinone-Fiorentina, possible formation

The coach Prosino, Longgo will have to deal with the absence. In fact, technicians in the Sinop society will have to do without the various Dionisi, Paganini and Hallfredsson. Therefore, the deliberation committee will fill the stadium with Sportiello with 3-4-2-1. Goldaniga, Ariadu and Capuano defense; The Midplane line, on the other hand, consists of Zampano, Maiello, Beghetto and Chibsah. Vloet and Campbell will act after Ciofani's unique tip.

Pioli, on the other hand, can use all roses. FiorentinaTherefore, it would play with 4-3-3 with Lafont in the goal; In defense Milenkovic and Biraghi will be on the wing, Pezzella and Vitor Hugo will be in between. In midfield we will play Benassi, Veretout and Gerson. Finally, the attacking trident consists of Chiesa, Pjaca and Simeone.

Procinone (3-4-2-1): Sportiello; Goldaniga, Ariaudo, Capuano; Zampano, Chibsah, Maiello, Beghetto; Vloet, Campbell; Ciofani.
Bench: Bardi, Salamon, Krajnc, Brighenti, Ghiglione, Cassata, Crisetig, Gori, Soddimo, Matarese, Pinamonti, Perica.

Fiorentina (4-3-3): Lafont; Milenkovic, Pezzella, Vitor Hugo, Biraghi; Benassi, Veretout, Gerson; Church, Simeon, Pjaca.
Bench: Brancolini, Dragowski, Ceccherini, Laurini, Diks, Hancko, Norgaard, Dabo, Fernandes, Eysseric, Mirallas, Vlahovic.

RefereeFabrizio Easter. Tide: Longo and Peretti. Fourth: Illuzzi. Var from Nasca and Fiorito.

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