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mit – Terzo Valico, chairman of Iolanda Romano announced resignation | Piedmont


Rome, Iowa Photos

Rome, Iowa Photos

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Rome – "Giovi 's third – Iowa Romano, Resigned from his position. Romano also maintained its position at the Environmental Observatory of the same infrastructure. "He says. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport On the note.

Mit told Iolanda Romano, "I appreciate his commitment to the role from 2015 to today,The government is evaluating solutions for successors.Whose choice will happen in a short time »».

Toti: «National construction site and maintenance»

And today, in the video on the Facebook page, the President of the Liguria region talked about infrastructure. Giovanni Totti
. Governor Liguria said, "In addition to the income of citizenship, Italy has a chance to shovel and learn the trade. Italy is collapsing because of the need for construction sites and maintenance.

Toti has already opened a construction site for large-scale works He asks others such as Terzo Valico, Gronda and Tap.. "As recently as in Liguria, the walls have collapsed in orbit recently and the railway is blocked for a day," he said. Reference occurred. Last week near Santa Magallita Rigure train station

The Governor Abolish procurement code Accelerate work by bureaucracy and do not stop them. "Then we have to inject the necessary funds into the stabilization bill and intervene in the resources needed for the market."

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