Thursday , March 30 2023

Motoguchi releases custom souls and chunks to Eicma


New V85 TT, V9 Bober Sport and V7 III stone 2019

2-cylinder of various sources, the expression making all things Motoguchi I feel unique and customs and treasures the United States will never forget. EICMA The role of Moto Guzzi was always the role of the landlord, from Mandello del Lario to Rho. L & # 39; The presence of Aquila is always important. Many sights and surprises in the stands.

Moto Gucci V85 TT I have completed the incubation route within one year. The final version of Eicma was a prototype, today it is a brand new two-cylinder with a strong brand in the middle category: 853cc displacement and 80 horsepower, A powerful couple and already with low rotational speed Euro 4 approval Exhaust gas. The motor new V9 Bobber Sport, A special series of customized sports V9 Bobber. Black all view In this case, you are married to a lowered single-seat saddle, Ohlins shock absorber and slip-on exhaust system, providing true dynamic sporting quality. The touch of colorExclusive Orange Decoration Cover tanks and improve polished finish and aluminum side panels. The headlight in the lowered position is surrounded by a black aluminum dome.

in Eicma's 76th edition will also debut in the year 2019 in the V7 III Stone model.It was also conquered by a darker look that ended the previous model of Chrome. It is a way to distinguish among the seven variations of the V7 III range. "founder" Stone, Special and Racer And young Rough, milano, carbon, which Limited series Only 500 copies of the numbered copies are produced. The V7 III stone 2019 has a black front headlight frame with tanks and spoke-like colors, while the front fenders were shortened for a worse image of a 744cc twin cylinder, The A2 License Holder. Two satin colors, Granite Gray and Red-Red, complete the bike's re-styling.

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