Wednesday , March 29 2023

"My name is? I changed it to 13 years."


Lobby at such a showThe real name for Roby Facchinetti is Camillo. Pooh singer tells Tale and Quale Show the truth.

guest Such a show Roby Facchinetti The origin of his name was revealed. Like fans of Pooh They will know. True name Artist Camilo. Why did Roby always call himself for 40 years? s father Francesco Cochinetti He explained. Carlo Conti, Loretta Meat And other jurors in the program who never knew the names of their parents since childhood. So close to puberty, he changed his free will. "At the age of thirteen, I went to my mother and said that I did not like the name Camilo. From that day I told Roberto", 74 years old. Later, as he entered the music world, he decided to call it a little piece of Roby's music.

Roby Facchinetti promotes Andrea Agresti's imitation

Roby Facchinetti has been invited to leave comments on Tale and Quale Show. Imitation of Andrea Agresti, Who played the role of a Pooh component? Roby acknowledged Le Iene's envoy's performance and praised his talent. There are also jury giants Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme, Giorgio Panariello and Luca Argentero (evening special jury) and the public's applause. Hosted by Rai Uno, Facchinetti was an opportunity to promote. Together – Tou plays, Traveling around Italy with friends and colleagues Ricardo Pogly.

Pooh's Roby Facchinetti's Privacy

Beyond his blindness, Roby Facchinetti's privacy was very intense. He had two wives and five sons. He was born in the first marriage with Mirella. daughter: Alessandra, Today's famous fashion designer, e Valentina, Radio speakers. After that, Facchinetti RosariaroniI was a teacher today, writer, and he had his son. Francesco. He met in the mid 80s. Giovanna, his current wife, Was married in 1989. Two other children were born in this relationship: Roberto and Julia.

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