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Now, "financial peace" begins. When and how to pay


Financial peace It's over now. L & # 39;Tax Bureau By October 24, 2018, we have issued a rule that defines an "accelerated definition" of legislation related to tax assessments that have not yet ended. The clause adopted by the Director of Internal Revenue Imports is the payment of all tax assessments that are part of the condition and fiscal peace.

How much is the tax to pay?

In fact, all files relating to taxes and all donations must be paid for funds that bring about financial peace. Any action defined or previously challenged in any other way is retained outside of this process. October 24, 2018 Or later.

payment method

You do not need to agree to your domestic imports and do not have to communicate. In fact, pay the installment amount as a single solution or as an F24 model. You must bring the receipt to the tax office within 10 days of the date of the transfer and notify the payment institution and close the dispute.

Follow all deadlines

In the case of a notice regarding assessment, rectification and liquidation and recovery procedures, the first installment or first installment will expire on November 23, 2018, and if it is broader, it will expire within the deadline for appeal. For hostile calls, the deadline for a single payment or first installment expires on November 23, 2018. Confirmation of the cohesion may be determined by paying taxes and contributions due by November 13, 2018.

Installment payment

The first post-installment payment must be paid by the end of each quarter. You must use a separate model F24 or F23 for each defined behavior. Within 10 days after the first installment or first installment payment, the taxpayer will forward the payment receipt to the jurisdiction office.

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